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    Characters are the most important element of any well-crafted story. So, not surprisingly, a lot goes into creating them. Many writers develop full histories and personality descriptions for even minor characters, including things like where they were born and details of their childhood—even though none of that information ever makes it into the story. And of course, authors need to consider the character's physical appearance. What color are their hair and eyes, what is their race? Are they short, tall, portly, skinny? Even a carefully chosen name can enhance the image the author is creating.

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    New Release from Author Belinda M Gordon

    Shaggy Dog Productions is pleased to announce the release of the much anticipated fourth book in The King’s Jewel Series. Sophia’s Song is the final segment in Belinda M Gordon’s Contemporary Fantasy series based on Celtic mythology. Book 4 continues where book 3 left off, Deaglan Mór has brutally conquered Tír na nÓg. The story is full of nail biting drama as Mór intensifies his murderous search for Tressa, intent on disrupting the prophecy before she finds the last of the lost treasures of the Tuatha de Danann. Tressa and Alexander fight to return to The Otherworld and join the resistance only to find Tressa’s people on the brink of…

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    New Fantasy Novel Tressa’s Treasures Puts a Unique Twist on Fairies

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE United States – October 18 2015: Earlier this week, the noted fiction author Belinda Gordon released her latest book entitled Tressa’s Treasures. The book is the first installment of Gordon’s fantasy series The King’s Jewel, which blends Celtic mythology with hints of Christianity. The story follows a Sidhe named Tressa, who is a fae in hiding. Born to greatness but unable to fulfill her transcendent role, Tressa hides on her grandmother’s estate and fakes her humanity. After she uses her abilities to protect a friend, strange things begin to happen. When a group of evil fae start coming for her, Tressa strives to protect the people she…