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Literary Titan Reviews The Good Pharmacist’s Deadly Secrets

I’m so pleased to share this review of my latest book The Good Pharmacist’s Deadly Secrets. The Literary Titan is an made up of professional editors, writers, and professors. They review fiction and non-fiction books, conduct author interviews, and present talented authors with their Literary Book Award. Here’s an excerpt from there review:

The Good Pharmacist’s Deadly Secrets

Escaping the rumors of The Otherworld, in a small human town of Findale, Sloan, a fearless Sidhe warrior had finally settled down with her dog Max into a comfortable life. She works on gadgets and electronic repairs in a shop she had managed to put up inside an old dilapidated building, often visiting the busy little cafe nearby for her morning coffee. The townsfolk didn’t really notice the girl with purple hair and she preferred it that way. Until the day she got caught with a knife by the police, at the drugstore where the local pharmacist was murdered.

The story plunges into the action and piques the reader’s interest right from the start. A slight conflict arises, a speeding pickup truck tears through and Sloan feels terrified to look at her dog on the other side of the road. Relief washes over us as she discovers the tiny furry animal safe beside her. With such a powerful opening, the author already knows she has our attention.



Go to their website here to read the complete review.

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