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    Already have characters in my mind for the movie!!

    I could not put this book down. I wanted to know what would happen with Tressa, her assistant, her grandmother, and her new man. I loved the fact that she is a jewelry designer in her human role but royalty in her real life. She teaches about each gem stone and what it means and she is humble about her title. She is aware of her flaws despite being destined for greatness. As I read, I felt I could visualize everything so easily. Great job!! Amazon Customer on Tressa’s Treasures

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    Great Celtic mythology story

    “I found that this story was more about Xander than it was about Tressa. It revolved around Xander’s bonding with Tressa, his bonding with the Claíomh Solais (Sword of Light) and protector of Tressa, the King’s Jewel. It was interesting to see the sword through Tressa’s eyes, as it bound itself to Xander’s aura. This story was also about Xander’s family, specifically his father and missing mother. After a mysterious phone call about Xander’s father, Tressa and Xander rush off to find out what has happened. There they happen upon several Unseelie loose in city where Xander’s father lives. Which might attribute to his father’s disintegrating memory. They also find…

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    I am looking forward to the next book!

    “For a Fantasy Romance, Xander’s Folly is full of adventure, and a few surprises. While Tressa deserves a few smacks now and then to get her past being “Me” oriented, she doesn’t spend too much time wallowing in how bad things are for her. She actually remembers to think about others, something not all protagonists do. We get to learn more about Xander and his very precious daughter, and before the end of the book Tressa finally comes to her senses about something very important to both her and Xander. I would say more but I don’t want to give anything away.” ~Sunfire (Amazon Reviewer) on Xander’s Folly  

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    Belinda Gordon is my favorite author!

    “I love this saga, Her characters are likable and multidimensional they’re filled with an abundance of empathy, sweetness and love for each other, while still fighting to overcome their own demons and fulfill a mission and their own destiny. The descriptions of Faery are so imaginative, It’s a beautiful world to visit and I am anxiously looking forward the next book in this series.” ~Amazon Customer on Xander’s Folly