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    I am looking forward to the next book!

    “For a Fantasy Romance, Xander’s Folly is full of adventure, and a few surprises. While Tressa deserves a few smacks now and then to get her past being “Me” oriented, she doesn’t spend too much time wallowing in how bad things are for her. She actually remembers to think about others, something not all protagonists do. We get to learn more about Xander and his very precious daughter, and before the end of the book Tressa finally comes to her senses about something very important to both her and Xander. I would say more but I don’t want to give anything away.” ~Sunfire (Amazon Reviewer) on Xander’s Folly  

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    Belinda Gordon is my favorite author!

    “I love this saga, Her characters are likable and multidimensional they’re filled with an abundance of empathy, sweetness and love for each other, while still fighting to overcome their own demons and fulfill a mission and their own destiny. The descriptions of Faery are so imaginative, It’s a beautiful world to visit and I am anxiously looking forward the next book in this series.” ~Amazon Customer on Xander’s Folly

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    Tressa’s Treasures, a sparkling “Jewel” of a book that will will keep you engaged.

    “The author brings the unlikely heroine along gently in a conflict between what her family expects of her and what she expects of herself. This is an engaging book of light and dark, good and evil, and the desire to see Tressa succeed in her quest for fulfillment. All in all, a good read that will carry you into the fantasy, and leave a smile on your face in the process.” ~thelocksmith (an Amazon Reviewer)

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    Engaging story of Fae in Pennsylvania

    “I enjoyed this book very much (except for a very few word substitutions that I noticed.) It’s a new take on the Fae–in Pennsylvania. The characters were engaging, the romance was (mostly) sweet (not that I minded the bit more at all), the Irish background was well-portrayed, and the set-up for the saga (finding the lost Fae treasures) was well-integrated into the daily adventures of our heroes. I liked this book and the characters so much that I bought the sequel as well (and on my budget these days, that’s really saying something!) My favorite thing to find in a book is characters who care about other people, and this…