Engaging story of Fae in Pennsylvania

“I enjoyed this book very much (except for a very few word substitutions that I noticed.) It’s a new take on the Fae–in Pennsylvania. The characters were engaging, the romance was (mostly) sweet (not that I minded the bit more at all), the Irish background was well-portrayed, and the set-up for the saga (finding the lost Fae treasures) was well-integrated into the daily adventures of our heroes. I liked this book and the characters so much that I bought the sequel as well (and on my budget these days, that’s really saying something!)

My favorite thing to find in a book is characters who care about other people, and this book had LOTS of them, so… another reason to really like it. I also liked that the protagonists were grown-ups (in personality as well as age) and not whiny, not stupid, and not clueless. The sub-plot regarding the abusive husband (of the friend of heroine Tressa) could be upsetting, but it was pertinent. It also gives a compare and contrast to the upcoming battles these characters will be fighting in future books (may the whole series come to be!) Good job, Ms. Gordon!”

~Marian (Amazon Reader) on Tressa’s Treasures

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