Dragon's Blood candles with shamrocks

Making Dragon’s Blood Candles

Ever wonder what goes into making the candles in Tressa’s Treasure Shop? I took some photos as I went through the process, so let me walk you through it.

I started with the Dragon’s Blood fragrance because the name fits in so well with the Celtic mythology/fantasy theme that I wanted to carry through to the store.

With the first batch of candles I worked in our kitchen. I soon learned that wasn’t the best idea!

The first picture shows with everything laid out: a scale to weigh the wax, a double boiler to melt it, scent, color blocks, glass jars and wicks.

Waiting for the wax to melt is the most time-consuming part. It’s important to monitor the temperature of the wax so you know when to add the color and scent.

The deep red color of the candles comes from a combination of red and blue. The blocks need to be cut to the correct proportion. I used a plastic bag to cover the cutting board, but I ruined it anyway by staining it with the dye.

Once you learn how to clean up wax, it’s not bad…but this first batch…. what a mess!

Melted, colored, scented, and poured.

To be honest, it took several batches of fine-tuning my process before I had a product that was good enough for Tressa’s store, but the finished product looks good and smells fabulous.

I think you’ll love the sweet woodsy scent too!







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