My New Writing Space

Thanks to my wonderful husband who gave up his desk for me, I now have a new place to do my writing.



Max, at my old desk, asleep on the job. He should be helping me with my writing.

I used to sit in my recliner in the family room with a collapsible table for my laptop. Max liked to lay beside me or on my lap and every once in a while, he’d reach out and hit the keyboard with his paw, giving me his two cents on what I was writing.


It was very cozy and comfortable, and that was part of the problem. When writing after work or on weekends after a stressful week and then relax in a soft chair, it was too easy to convince myself that a little nap should be my first priority. At other times, the television or the family buzzing around the kitchen created tempting distractions. All-in-all, a happy place but not conducive for getting much done.



Now I’m in our living room, a smaller place free from distractions. Who wouldn’t want to write in this wonderful space?

My new writing desk, complete with my ice tea from Dunkin Donuts!

Only Max is unhappy because he can’t sleep on my lap when I sit in this chair!

Max, fresh from a haircut, looking on sadly.

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