Xander's Folly Book Cover

Xander’s Folly to be Released Spring 2016

The Romance/Fantasy novel Xander’s Folly, Belinda M Gordon’s follow-up to Tressa’s Treasures and the second book in The King’s Jewel Series, will be released in the spring of 2016 according to the author.

Loaded with romance, drama, suspense and fantasy, The Kings Jewel Series follows Tressa—a Sidhe and Alexander—a human, as they struggle to forge a relationship that straddles two worlds while also fighting to find the four treasures of the Sidhe and end the Sidhe’s banishment from heaven. The race is on to find the treasures before their enemies, the Unseelie, who want to use the treasures to make themselves undefeatable.

Tressa’s Treasures focused on Tressa’s journey as she learns to accept her role in the Prophecy of the King’s Jewel. This new addition to the series, Xander’s Folly, explorers Alexander’s past and how this ties into Tressa and Alexander’s future.

“I’m excited for this next release,” said Gordon. “Of course I continue to use Celtic Mythology as my inspiration for this series. And finally readers will learn what happened to Alexander’s mother.”

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