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Character Picture Board

Characters are the most important element of any well-crafted story. So, not surprisingly, a lot goes into creating them.

Many writers develop full histories and personality descriptions for even minor characters, including things like where they were born and details of their childhood—even though none of that information ever makes it into the story. And of course, authors need to consider the character’s physical appearance. What color are their hair and eyes, what is their race? Are they short, tall, portly, skinny? Even a carefully chosen name can enhance the image the author is creating.

When writing fantasy, there are more things to consider: do they have superpowers or special abilities, or perhaps different belief systems or values, and many other details that spill over into world building.

All these things help the author create a well-rounded character that comes to life in both their own mind and that of the reader. It’s also fun!

Another entertaining thing I like to do when I’m developing a story is to find photographs online to represent my characters. I don’t necessarily search for famous faces, just someone that fits the picture in my mind of the person I created. This can be helpful as a quick reminder, while in the middle of a writing session, of the character’s eye color and such. It also is an added touch to make them come alive.

I thought I would share my bulletin board of characters for my current work in progress. A few of the characters will be familiar, others are brand new. Do the familiar ones look like you pictured them?

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